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Common Questions with Answers!

Entering The Trades

The XAU/USD Signals Have 4 Take Profit Points Hitting a 1:4 Risk Reward Ratio.

Small Accounts (Under $5,000) Should Enter 1-2 Small Lot Size Positions such as .01 & .01 & then Enter the Stop Loss on Both Positions & then Hit TP1 & TP2 or TP3 etc. It's Best for Small Accounts to Stack Profits & Grow +20% Before Leveraging More Positions.

Larger Accounts (Over $5,000) Who Can Manage More Risk can Enter 2-4 Positions at .01 .01 .01 .01 and Enter the Same Stop Loss & then Hit All Take Profit Points. Using a .01 to Start Trading and Get Comfortable With Trades is Always Recommended!

Moving Stop Losses

Moving Your Stop Loss is a Personal Trading Preference Based on Many Different Account Sizes.

It is Always Recommended that After TP2 is Hit, Small Accounts Should Always Move Stop Losses to Entry or Into Profits & Make the Trade a Risk Free Trade. This Will Help Minimize Any Possible Risk After Profits.

The Charts Go on for Forever so There Will Always be More Trades to Come!

Recommended Broker

EagleFX is The Hands Down Best Broker for Any Trading Needs & is Used for All of The XAU/USD Trading Signals!

Simple & Easy to Setup an Account, with The Lowest Trade Spreads Possible! Start Trading With a Professional Broker & Watch Your Account Grow!

Open Your Trading Account With EagleFX in Just a Few Minutes, Link Down Below!

Register Your EagleFX Trading Account!

Which Trading Session?

The XAU/USD Signals First Start Trading Each & Every Day During the New York Session 7:00am-8:00am Eastern Time or 8:00am-9:00am Central Time.

The Volume in The New York Session Makes This Session the Most Valuable for Entering Trades.

Dont Worry, If No Clear Entry is Found During the New York Session, We Will Continue to Look for Possible Entries During the Sydney, Tokyo, & then the London Session.

X Signals are Sent Out Once Confirmation is Showing & During All Trading Sessions!

How to Contact Us?

We Are More Than Happy to Answer Any of Your Questions or Concerns You Might Have before Signing Up.

Please Feel Free to eMail Us Any Time!

All Customer eMails Are Replied to in The Order they Are Received!

Email Address:

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Join by Using Crypto?

Making XAU/USD Trading Signals Available for Day Traders Worldwide is Our Main Priority!

We are Now Accepting BTC as Secured Payment for Access into The Official XAU/USD VIP Telegram Group!

Once You Have Sent Your Payment, You Will then Receive the Link into the VIP Telegram Group!

Please Email Directly for The BTC Crypto Currency Address to Send Your Payment!

Helpful Trading Tips!

*Register Your Trading Account With EagleFX if You Want the Exact Same Prices as The Daily XAU/USD Trading Signals. Using a Different Broker can Make Prices Differ but Many are Still Compatible.

*Do Not Over Risk Your Account and Use .90 .90 .90 or 5.00 5.00 5.00 Lot Size Positions if You Can Not Manage the Risk Properly. Please Stick to the Recommended .01 .01 Lot Size Positions Until You are Comfortable & Able to Grow Your Account Responsibly.

*You Do Not Have to Enter Each & Every XAU/USD Signals. There Will Always be 1-3 Daily XAU/USD Signals so if Your Don't Feel Good About a Trade then Wait Till the Next Trade. You Still Have Overall Control of Your Trading Account!

*There are Many Copy Trading Services Available & Many VIP Telegram Members are Using Them Evaryday with Our Daily XAU/USD Trading Signals, but There is No Copy Trading Service that We Personally Recommend.

Please do Your Own Research on Any Copy Trading Service You Wish to Use!

Why Should You Join the VIP Telegram Group?

  • Daily XAU/USD Signals!

    The VIP Telegram Group Receives 1-3 Daily XAU/USD Trading Signals!

  • GOLD Trading Strategy

    Our Technical & Fundamental Analysis Team, is Consistently Scanning the GOLD Market to Find the Best Daily XAU/USD Trades!

  • "Risk Reward Ratio"

    We Use the Best Possible Risk Reward Ratio for Every Trade! Risking Only -50 PIPs per Trade to Hit +200 PIPs per Trade!

  • 24/7 VIP Support

    All VIP Telegram Members are Able to Directly Message the Admin to Ask Daily Trading Q&A!

  • "Milan Stacy"


    Super excited to have come in on this group as well as their US30 group!

    Very transparent team in admitting if the trade wasn’t as great or if the market may be weird, sideways etc!

    In just these 3/4 short months I’m extremely satisfied! I now have LIFETIME SIGNALS from both groups LIVING MY BEST LIFE. 1-3 signals a day and great daily communication in the chat! More than glad to share my Demo/Live success! Tell a friend or not but you’re missing some great insight if you’re not involved.

  • "Javier Bosio"


    Great daily signals, which have allowed me an extra income, increasing my savings. I've been in the group for almost 2 years, receiving the signals every day. Highly recommended!

  • "Don"

    I been with him for over two years it’s been the best, we talk about the charts call out and predict on what’s going to happen. He is really invested in the team to make profits, made much money with the signals!

  • "Yolanda Miller"

    "Responsive team with great signals. So glad to be a part of this group, highly recommended!"

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